Why Should Your Church or Ministry

Start a Christian School

A student of New Life Christian Academy (NLCA), one of the main schools of New Life Christian Schools and Colleges International (NLCSCI) recently decided to return to public school after having been in a Christian school for some time. Only a couple of months later, she went back to NLCA. When asked why, she told a story that well answers this question, “Why does our church need to have a Christian school?” She told how she was in study hall, and one of the students was quietly reading his Bible. The teacher made him stop, and started ridiculing him, getting the other students to do the same. Then later that same day, this student was in the hall, and saw homosexuals kissing one another. No one said anything to them because no one wanted to “discriminate”. Homosexuality was being lifted up as OK while Christians are discriminated against. Because of this, it is now the “in thing” even in middle school, the thing that children do to get attention.

When the study of the Koran is encouraged, and the Bible is banned, then something is wrong. When Christian children as well as other children are targeted by bullies to the place where children, even middle school age children, are becoming suicidal, then something is wrong. When teachers and other personnel are so over-worked and over-stressed that they can’t do their job, and those in the system who care are so burned out because of a system that is leaving them with an impossible job, then something is wrong. Principals don’t even know what their staff is doing, they surely don’t know what is going on with the students. When ungodly people flock to be teachers, to what was once a Godly profession, and these ungodly people target the Christian children, then something is wrong. When children in high school cannot read, and cannot reason out things unless these things are systematically spelled out in a simple way, then something is wrong. The system is broken, and as a result of this, our children are drowning.

One of the biggest excuses for not having a school is if we take all the Christians out, who will be the light? My answer to that is why not leave them there? After all, statistics show that only 10% stay true to their parent’s beliefs. Let’s get real. The system is broken and it is time for the church to stand up for our children. There is a verse that down through the years has been an encouragement to us at New Life to keep going with the mission that God gave us. Isaiah 54:13 tells us, “And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy children.” Are your children taught of the Lord? How much peace do your children have? Isn’t it time for a change?

With us as a partner you can do this. It is definitely time. The current administration in our country is establishing a pro-Christian atmostphere. While the door is open, we need to work. When will you be calling us to get started?

If you have always had a vision of starting a Christian School or/and a Bible College, we will be able to help you to make that vision a reality.

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