Steps To Follow

1. Contact NLCSCI with details of your program and receive your packet. Fill out the application and agreement forms and send in the $100.00 registration fee unless we have notified you otherwise. Also, you must send in the Agreement with New Life Form.

2. Upon payment, and registration, you will receive a the following:

When you register you will be given a comprehensive folder that will include the following (most of these will be in the guidebook):

1.A comprehensive guide that covers every detail of setting up your school Including detailed steps of how to organize, process of how to operate your school, how to set up your accounting process, student records, grade keeping, scheduling, graduation, testing, and much more.

2. All forms that you will need to structure all the different departments of your school. This will save you hours and hours of labor.

3.Sample handbook.

4. A book titled, A Common-Sense Bible Based Guide For Christian Schools, which will be a valuable resource for many years.

When you register, these will be made accessible to your program through Google Drive which is available free through

3. NLCSCI will send a representative to meet with you and to spend time helping you organize your school, or we will meet with you when you have organized to further assist you. It may be necessary for the representative to meet with you twice.

4. NLCSCI will continue to be a help to you. It will also be responsible for maintaining school transcripts, and issuing degrees. This will be done by your sending grades for each student to NLCSCI at the end of every school year.

5. At the beginning of every school year, you will pay the 10% tithe of all fees that you collect (except for book fees). You can set up an agreement with NLCSCI to pay the remainder of the fees either monthly or quarterly.

6. If you decide in the future to no longer operate the school, you will need to notify NLCSCI and we will continue to keep school records for you. If you do decide to close your program, send us all student records that you have.

New Life Christian Schools and Colleges International

The extension school program is a part of New Life Christian Schools and Colleges International.

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