Where and How to Download Needed Information

After You Register

When you register you will be given a comprehensive folder that will include the following (most of these will be in the guidebook):

1.A comprehensive guide that covers every detail of setting up your school including detailed steps of how to organize, process of how to operate your school, how to set up your accounting process, student records, grade keeping, scheduling, graduation, testing, and much more.

2. All forms that you will need to structure all the different departments of your school. This will save you hours and hours of labor.

3.Sample handbook.

4. A book titled, "A Common-Sense Bible Based Guide For Christian Schools", which will be a valuable resource for many years.

When you register, these will be made accessible to your program through Google Drive which is available free through www,gmail.com.

How To Use Google Drive

You need to have a gmail account to be able to open the files in Google Drive. The drive is available through your gmail account. To find the Google drive, and download those files follow these steps:

1.Login to your register for a gmail account if you don’t have one. These are free. Go to www.gmail.com. We will need your gmail account address to send the files. We will email you a notice that your files are there and ready, and we will send a password in that email for you to be able to download the files.

3.Open the email and get the information that you need to open the folders.

2.Log into Google Drive. To do that open your gmail account. At the right of the top bar beside the search button click on the symbol that looks like a square of little dots. Click it. Click Drive.

3.Go to the left and click on "Shared With Me". Right click on the folder, and click on download, putting in your account information we emailed you. Go to your download folder and find these.

New Life Christian Schools and Colleges International

The extension school program is a part of New Life Christian Schools and Colleges International.

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Contact Us

Contact us for information.

Our phone number is 276-730-0706. Our office hours are from 10:00 to 6:00 EST.

Our fax number is 276-730-0705.

Our email address is information@newlifeextensionschools.com.

Our address is: PO Box 1268, Hillsville, VA 24343

Looking forward to hearing from you.